What Lubricant To Use With Anal Beads

Anal sex is not a widely preferred form of sex because people think it will hurt. You should get rid of this fear because it is just a misconception. Anal sex has been practised for many centuries and its popularity increased with time. Although it is safe and pretty exciting, the lack of lubrication can make it a weird experience. You need some additional aid in the form of high-quality lubrication to make it a very pleasant experience.  

You must know that putting a non-lubricated toy in your rectum can be the worst decision. It does not lubricate itself like vagina and therefore you need a high-quality lube to get the job done. If you do not know what lubricant to use with anal beads, this information is going to be very helpful for you. 

Why should you use lube with anal beads?

Interested people would always like to know that why to apply lubes when going for an anal act. First of all, it is simply difficult to put anything in there because your body will refuse it. Even if you are using the highest quality anal beads, it will be very difficult to put the beads in and push them further. Suppose you apply water or ordinary product to maintain smoothness, it will be absorbed by internal walls of your anal canal and then it will hurt if you move anal beads. Therefore, it is important to use the highest quality lube with anal beads. 

What kind of lubes you can try with anal beads?

Although many lubricants are introduced by different companies, there are mainly three types of lubes you get to use with anal beads. These are oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based lubes. All three are different because of their properties such as odour, slipperiness, and how long these lubes last. Some lubricants are perfect to use with anal beads made of any material and some lubes can harm your sex toy. Therefore, you should carefully choose the lubricant if you want to have an amazing experience.  

  • Water-based lubricant:

Water-based lubricants are highly preferred lubes for vaginal play. You can easily apply and clean water-based lubes, but water-based lubes are not suitable for anal play. Whether you are using anal beads during the solo play or butt plugs, you should never choose water-based lubes for the play. Your body will quickly absorb the water and then anal beads will not move smoothly within the anal canal. 

Many people have tried water-based lubes for anal play. They had a terrible experience when this lube dries. It seems sticky and you need to remove anal beads out of the anal canal and reapply the lube to enjoy the penetration. To be more specific, water-based lubes are not for anal play and therefore you should consider the other two options. 

  • Oil-based lubricant:

Oil-based lubricants are considered the best for anal play. These lube offer impressive lubrication and they also last longer than other types of tubes. You can get oil-based lubes with easy-to-use applicators that will make it easier for you to apply the lube all over anal beads. Anal beads will easily slip into your butt and stay lubed much longer. Most of the anal beads users and butt plug users prefer oil-based lubricants because of their thickness and long-lasting smoothness. 

Perhaps you cannot use this lubricant with all kinds of anal beads. A caveat is mentioned on the packaging of high-quality oil-based lubes. It depicts that you should never use this lubricant with latex made anal beads or butt plugs. It will easily destroy your sex toy if you do not follow this guideline. In addition, you will have to use a high-quality antibacterial cleaner to remove this lube from your anal beads. Rinsing into water is not an ideal way of cleaning oil-based lubes. 

  • Silicone-based lubricant:

Silicone-based lubes are also highly effective lubes used for anal and vaginal sex. It is very thick and acts as a cushion when you apply it on anal beads and put them in your butt. Its silky touch will remain as it is for a very long time. Once you have applied this lube on your anal sex toy, you will not need to reapply it during the whole session. 

The only issue with silicone based lubes is that you cannot apply it on silicone made anal beads. If you ignore this caution and apply this lube on silicone made anal beads, this lube will dissolve the silicone. It may hurt during the play because silicone will absorb the lube and then your anal beads will not slip in or out easily. Choose silicone-based lubes only when you are using steel or glass made anal beads.  

Buying the best lubricant to use with anal beads:

Now you know what kind of lubes you can find in the market for anal play. You may have bought anal beads, but finding high-quality lubes to apply on anal beads can be daunting. Lubricants designed for butt plugs and anal beads are same. Though butt plugs are not used with the purpose of stimulating anal sex, lube is applied to put them in with ease. 

Things are very different from anal beads because you may find it difficult to push further when you are feeling excited. Choose a retailer that is renowned for supplying top quality lubes for both vaginal and anal sex. Buying poor quality lubes can be risky for your sex toy and also for your health. Make sure the lube will not cause any health threats because it can turn ass play into a drastic experience for you. 

Final thoughts:

Both oil-based and silicone-based lubes are great for anal play. Both of them come with certain cautions that you must consider before applying the lube. The sex educators suggest that users must choose non-porous material made anal beads to enjoy safer sex. Only silicone made lubes are perfect for both steel and glass made anal beads. You can use oil-made lubes with silicone made beads to enjoy those thrilling moments of ass play.